Hi, I’m Dawn McTeigue―comic book artist, lifelong doodler, and art supplies junkie.

Dawn McTeigue - Comic book artist and creator of Tempermentals

I also clearly care way tf too much about pencil cases, and that’s exactly why you should buy one from me. 😂

Hear me out...

Most pencil cases are too boring!

When it’s time to make art―on a page, canvas, your face, or otherwise―it always starts by reaching for your pencil or supplies case, right?

But then all your options are so utilitarian, uncool, or excessively cheerful. You get "tax accountant" grays, "first day of 3rd grade" neon, or “Hello Kitty”. And that’s just not my vibe.

I could never find anything I liked, so I had to make my own.

Dawn McTeigue, creator of Tempermentals, seated at her desk surrounded the pencil cases from her brand.

Now you don't have to settle for "just ok" anymore.

Style... utility... attitude... You can have it all!

I wanted to build you a case as edgy, pretty, and fancy as you are. Something that gives you a shot of inspiration every time you look at it. Something that almost dares you to create your best work yet.

Dawn McTeigue, sketching out the Tempermentals Nightshade emblem

Sketching out the Nightshade, August 2019

But it also has to be professional-grade. Serious business. Top-of-the-line quality for actual daily use in the artistic trenches.

I think we pulled it off.

Our Company

Tempermentals is created, owned, and operated by me, Dawn McTeigue, and my husband Dan Schwartz.

Dan Schwartz and Dawn McTeigue, creators and owners of Tempermentals

We live in Calgary, Canada, but our orders are shipped by a very professional fulfillment crew in the Chicago area, USA.

If you have questions or need help with an order, drop us a line. No teams, no machines, you’ll be talking with one of us and we'll do our best to make your shopping experience a good one. 👍


Half temper, half mental, Tempermentals stands for all of us artsy weirdoes–the crazy creatives, the obsessive, the dramatic, the moody, the manic, the “temperamental artists.”

Hell yes we are! And we’re here to give the world a little spark of beautiful chaos.

The missing “a” in the middle? That stands for ART. And that’s your job.

Now go create something amazing!